Steve, Gary, Derek, Jeff, Cat, Brian, Laura & Jim (several trips)


this car tells a sad story
This Car belonged to one of the Hackett boys

no one uses this anymore
The main gate entrance

The Hackett family lived in Deerlodge during World War II.  They apparently lived here for several years, raising two sons and a daughter.  One of the sons owned the old car that is pictured above.  Both sons were killed within days of each other during the war.  We discovered the graves of the parents, both sons, and the daughter about 1/4 mile east of the buildings.  The complete story as we know it, plus pictures of the graves and the plaque we found can all be seen on our video, GHOST TOWN TRAVELS.

mostly the Hackett family
The Deer Lodge Cemetery

several family members are buired here and in Lovelock
The Hacketts parents

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