Steve, Gary, Cat, Derek, Brian, Jeff, Todd & Jim (several trips)


kind of tall, isn't it?
Gary stands at the Base of the Troy Smelter

where's the ax??
The Road to the Mine is fast becoming overgrown

Several buildings that were hidden by trees and bushes have burned.  The spring now parallels the road to the mine and overgrowth will eventually block access to the mine.   During the 2011 revisit, we finally discovered the Troy cemetery.   If you want to see the cemetery, you must hike in.   The road no longer exists.

can you find the explosives sign?
Explosives for the Mine were stored in this Building

a view of the rear of the buildings with the smelter in the background
The trees are growing back after the fire

I'm glad we weren't camping when this fell
As of 2011, our shade Tree has fallen

nothing gets past this girl
Cat always checks EVERYTHING out

most of the graves are buried by brush
This is NOT just some rocks. This is the Troy Cemetery

we could only see part of the cemetery
The Rocks are the headstones

we had to hike to the graveyard
A newer Headstone

The Troy Mine

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