Steve, Gary & Jim


not much here
Smelter Stack at Monte Cristo

made from stone
This is the only Building we could find

Monte Cristo was discovered by prospectors  in 1865.   It was one of the first mining camps in the White Pine District.   The town grew to a population of 150 and was the site of the polls for the 1868 district elections.   Since the White Pine rush focused on Hamilton and Treasure Hill during 1869, many residents left for greener pastures.   The 5 stamp mill eventually closed and only minor silver production remained.   In 1870 the mill reopened and survived until 1872 when the mill and the mines closed and the district was abandoned.   Not much remains today except for the smelter stack and some rock foundations.   The area is covered with many pine nut producing trees and interesting rocks.   During our 2011 visit, there were two graders working the area.

didn't work...we tried
We found this Windmill connected to a Water Pump

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