Steve, Gary, Cat & Brian


most are in good condition
One of several Buildings in Mill Canyon

let's stock the shelves and eat dinner at the table
The interior of the first Building

nothing inside
Another Mill Canyon Building

An eight stamp mill was built in Mill Canyon in 1864 to treat silver ore brought in by mule train from the mine located eight miles away.  The mill capacity doubled in 1869 and the canyon itself was prospected without success.  The mill operated until 1886 when a new mill was built at Cortez.  Another mill was built in the 1930s at the lower end of the canyon.  This mill, newer buildings, and older stone walls remain.

it even has a good roof
Several Buildings are here

this will last a long time
This one is made from Railroad Ties

the roof is the first to go
The remains of a stone Building from an earlier time

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