Steve & Gary


several buildings were log cabins
One of the few Remaining Buildings

this log cabin won't last much longer
Another Masonic Building

Masonic is truly a ghost of its former self.  Close to the California/Nevada border and only a short distance from the Chemung Mill, the remains of Masonic consist of a few old buildings, and the remains of a mill.  Gold discoveries in the area led to the establishment of a 10 stamp steam mill, as well as the town, in 1907.  The Masonic population of 500 produced over $600,000 in bullion by 1910, when, unfortunately, it went bankrupt.  Masonic was active again in 1933, but died off by 1938.  The area is well secluded.  Plenty of wood for campfires is available from fallen buildings.

not much left of this stone cabin
This Building is made from Area Rocks

soon there will be nothing left
A Fallen Log Cabin in Masonic

all that's left is rubble
The Remains of the Masonic Mill

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