Steve, Derek, Gary


front view
One of two Buildings Remaining in Logan City

this building's interior is on our video...GHOST TOWN TRAVELS
A Side View Of The Same Stone Building

In 1865, Silver was discovered on the east slope of Mount Irish.  A mining camp was set up and, within a few months, it had over 100 residents.  In 1866, the district now known as Logan City expanded to a population of 300.  By 1867, Logan City had its own post office.  Logan City's decline began in 1869 when it was discovered that the silver bearing veins lacked depth.  Small operators did some work in the area just prior to World War II.  Logan City is very well secluded with plenty of wood for campfires.  Parts of Logan City can be seen on our video...GHOST TOWN TRAVELS.

this one is made of wood
The other Building in Logan City

from here, we can look down on the buildings pictured above
We Begin To Set Up Camp In Logan City

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