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remains like these are scattered all over the canyon
Remains of a Stone Building

this building is in good condition
A Stone Building with a Roof

Silver was discovered in 1866 and production began in 1871.  It wasn't until 1874 that Jefferson attracted any real interest.  Later that year, Jefferson was a two-sectioned town located in a beautiful canyon.  Jefferson eventually had two merchandise stores, three blacksmith shops, three boarding houses, a Wells Fargo office, drugstore, barbershop, hotels, restaurants, sawmills, bakeries, a brewery, lumberyard, school and livery stable.  By 1876, Jefferson had 800 residents.  However, just two years later the Jefferson mines were no longer profitable, and all operations ceased.  The later revivals all proved unprofitable.  The remains of Jefferson consist of many stone buildings, some wooden buildings, headframes and a mill all located in a picturesque canyon.  An ore cart trail in the side of the mountain above the town makes a nice hiking trail to get a overall view of the area.  Jefferson Canyon, with its running stream, available wood, many buildings and seclusion, makes a great place to camp.

no roofs
More Stone Buildings

typical of the area
More Stone Building Remains

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