Gary, Steve, Cat & Jim


this place is well secluded
One of The Many Stone Buildings In The Area

two graves are located nearby
Side View of The Same Building

most buildings are now a pile of stones
Most of The Buildings Look Like This

Silver was discovered in Humboldt Canyon early in 1860   The townsite of Humboldt City was platted out in 1861.  By 1863, the population had boomed to around 500.  Humboldt City was at its peak in 1863 with 200 houses, two hotels, two saloons and a blacksmith shop.   Ore production thrived from 1863 - 1864, but declined after 1864.   The post office was removed in 1869.   The area is well secluded and makes for a nice place to camp with plenty of wood available and two large stone walls that act as wind breaks.

we would camp here
The Best Building In Town

a great place to camp
Two Large Stone Walls Protect The Yard From Wind

it has a good roof in case of rain
The Building's Interior

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