Golden Gate Mine

Steve Ricketts and Gary Bombalicki


12 vehicles passed this location in the 14 hours we were there
Our Camping Site next to The 10 Stamp Mill

the engine is missing
This 10 Stamp Mill Is Mostly Intact

these stamps crushed the rock from the mine
A Close Up View Of 5 Cam Operated Stamps

The Golden Gate Mine was discovered in 1903 and was owned and operated by various owners until 1939 when it ceased operations.  The total amount of bullion taken from the mine is unknown.  However, one owner did ship $12,000 in 1912.  The gold vein was rather illusive and required a great deal of effort to follow.  The main workings were on the north side of Golden Gate Peak and a team brought the ore to the mill.  It is said than when the crusher and the ten stamp mill were operating you could hear it on the eastside of Antelope Valley, several miles away. (taken from a plaque at the mine)  The Mill and two nearby buildings are located in a beautiful canyon next to a well traveled dirt road.

it's hard to tell...but keep looking. you'll see the box with the big rock in it
A Wooden Ore Box

not much left here
One Of Two Remaining Buildings

still has a decent roof
The Better Of The Two Remaining Buildings

nothing inside
Side View Of The Same Building

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