Steve Ricketts and Gary Bombalicki


Well, at least we have firewood!!
Typical of What is Left of Gilbert

Gilbert is located on the North side of the Monte Cristo Range.  After prospecting for many years without success, the two Gilbert brothers finally hit high grade ore in 1924.   Within months, the entire area was flooded with eager prospectors.  1925 saw the rise of the town of Gilbert.  Buildings went up as fast as supplies could be shipped in.  Soon Gilbert had four restaurants, speakeasies, a bakery, barber shop and many other businesses.  By 1929, the district had declined, and the population was down to 60.  The ore finally ran out in 1931 and the town was abandoned.   Although only three fallen buildings remain at the town site, there are many mines and head frames scattered throughout the area, mostly to the south.   The area is well secluded with plenty of wood for camping.

not much here
Three Fallen Buildings Remain

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