Steve, Gary, Cat, Brian & Derek (two trips)


the roof is in good condition
One of the many Buildings in Galena

located at the head of the canyon
One of the original Buildings

located north of the canyon
Another Galena Building

In 1863 silver was discovered in Galena Canyon.  The small mining camp built shortly after the silver discovery eventually grew into the town of Galena.  By 1869, Galena had numerous stores, a large public hall, school, post office, wide streets, and a water system.  A railroad connection and daily stage service were in operation by 1870.  Several large mines, plus two smelters were in full operation.  In 1875 production began to slow and, by 1886, the mining finally stopped.  Several small revivals took place between the 1920's and the 1990's.  With each revival, a little more of the original Galena was lost.  Some of the buildings left standing today were built less than 15 years ago.

every year buildings collapse
Look hard...two lonely Galena Buildings

Gary checks out this building
Left over from an earlier Revival

this one was in excellent condition
One of the newer Buildings in Galena

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