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The next ten pages contain pictures of our early ghost town hunting days. Unfortunately, we did not keep very accurate records back then. Who would have guessed that we would still be ghost town hunting after 39 years, produce a TV show about our trips, and create a web site featuring pictures from most of our trips. The pictures contained on these pages are offered as entertainment. Also included are pictures of buildings (mostly abandoned ranches) that we discovered while hunting for various ghost towns. Our early records only indicate the year of our trip, and not the name or location of the towns. Locations of the buildings shown will be noted when known. The picture quality may not be as clear as those on other pages of this site.

The Making Of The First Cheap Jeep

1972 trip
The First Ghost Town Trip

1972 trip
Dale Stands In Front Of A Building In The White Mountains

1973 trip
Dale & Steve Somewhere In Arizona

1973 trip
Dan, Steve & The First Cheap Jeep Somewhere In Arizona

Early Days & Unknowns (page 2)

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