Steve, Gary & Derek


notice the log construction
The only Remaining Intact Building in Danville

notice the wood burning stove
The Interior is Still in Decent Shape

A group of prospectors attempting to find a shortcut along the east flank of the Monitor Range discovered silver in Danville Canyon in 1866.  Not much happened until 1870 when a mining camp was organized.  After two years, the mines were abandoned.  A revival large enough to support a post office took place in the 1880s.  After much on again, off again mining for several years, Danville finally became a true ghost town.  Danville is very secluded.  Both wood and water are available for camping.

a lot of Danville is hard to find
The Remains of two Log Cabins

not much left here
The Remains of one Log Cabin

wanna camp here?
Gary checks out the Remains of one of the many Log Cabins

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