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it has a decent roof!!
One of many Buildings in Cortez

lots of garbage inside
More Cortez Buildings

another decent roof
Many buildings dot the area

Silver discoveries in mountain cliffs led to the formation of the Cortez company in 1863.  By late 1864, buildings, roads, and a mill had been built.  In 1869, Cortez got its own post office.  Mining continued until the 1930s when the Depression made operations unprofitable.  In 1969, using new technology, gold mining began about two miles to the north.  Mining is still active today in the Cortez area.  Cortez itself is abandoned.  The original mill foundations remain, along with newer mill foundations further up the mountain and several buildings.

if you look hard, there's a lot to see in Cortez
Many Buildings are hidden by the Trees

many buildings in Cortez
A newer wooden Building

it could be cleaned up
The interior of one of the Buildings

More Cortez

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