Steve & Gary


Clifford is located on the flatlands
The Last Building in Clifford

we decended several hundred feet down wooden ladders
The Cheap Jeep Parked by the Only Entrance to The Mine

Two weeks after Ed and James Clifford discovered silver in 1905, forty tents and a saloon appeared on this barren, desolate region.  The population peaked in 1908 with 100 houses and tents, various saloons, dance halls, stores and a post office.  As with so many other mining towns, the ore soon ran out, and Clifford was abandoned.  Since Clifford is located only two miles from a major highway, we do not consider it secluded.  Wood for campfires is scarce.  Camping is not recommended.

look at all this stuff in here
Gary Deep in The Clifford Mine

this thing is heavy!!
Steve finds an Ore Bucket

which way should we go?
Steve in The Clifford Mine

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