Derek, Steve & Gary


the first building we saw
One of Several Rock Buildings

none of the roofs remain
Two Rock Buildings

a blocked mine entrance is 30 feet to the right
This Was Used to Load Ore Into Waiting Wagons

$500.000 worth of gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc was all the Chance City mines ever produced.  The survival of this small mining town can be attributed more to the fact that the Southern Pacific Railroad's main line was only four miles away rather than the small amounts of ore in the nearby mountains.  Although the post office closed in 1887, mining operations continued until 1930.  Today, Chance City stands totally abandoned.  Remains of rock and adobe buildings are scattered around the area.  Some mine headframes are still standing.  All mine entrances have been sealed by the Bureau of Abandoned Mines (New Mexico).  A natural gas pumping station is located nearby.

the three remaining walls make a good windbreak
A Good Place for a Campfire

soon to be a pile of rocks
Most Buildings are in Poor Condition

a solid cement foundation with steel bars covers the vertical shaft. However, there is a locked gate.
Headframe (with mine entrance blocked)

all entrances were blocked with bars like these
Gary Stands by a Sealed Mine Entrance

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