Steve Ricketts and Gary Bombalicki


some of this was buried by modern mining
Remains Of Block And Stone Buildings

possibily a storage shed
One Of Two Remaining Wooden Buildings

use unknown
A Partially Buried Building

Candelaria's silver veins were first discovered in 1863 by Spanish prospectors. .  It wasn't until ten years later that the camp's oldest mine began production.  The Northern Bell Mine quickly flourished and built a 20 stamp mill at nearby Belleville.  In 1876, the town of Candelaria was built to house and equip the growing workforce.  Candelaria soon boasted a post office, two hotels, restaurants, 11 saloons, livery stables, and many other businesses.  The mines reached their production peak in 1882.   By then, Candelaria's 1500 residents had a bank, telegraph office, school, lumber companies,dry goods and furniture stores, two breweries, three doctors, a newspaper and over 24 saloons.  Life in Candelaria was anything but easy.  Law enforcement was next to nothing.  Days were hot, windy and dusty.  In early 1882 the railroad finally came to Candelaria.  Prosperiy seemed assured until a year later when a fire destroyed part of the town.  That fire, legal problems and a strike all contributed to low production.  After 1885, Candelaria was in decline.  A short two year revival in 1890 contributed to the over $20 million that was removed.  In 1919 the most important mines were consolidated and continued to produce until 1923.  Production continued on and off until the 1970s when modern mining techniques provided apath to profitability.  Modern mining destroyed much of the remaining town and only recently ceased operation.   The pictures here are of the only remaining original buildings.  A few modern buildings not pictured remain and are still in use.  A paved road on the east side of town allows easy access. The dirt road to the west provides a view of the old railroad grade by the side of the mountains to the north.  Due to its easy access and sometimes occupied buildings, camping is not recommended.

only a guess based on interior appearance
Possibily an Explosives Storage Shed

located on main street
Probably A Storefront

no doubt about it...iron doors.
The Bank Building

another clue!
Old Safe Located In The Bank

Candelaria Graveyard

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