Gary, Steve, Cat & Jim


this place is well secluded
Several Buildings in Bullion

OK, what burned??
More Buildings

this is full of core samples
Steve inside a Bullion Building

this is a good camping spot
More Buildings

Silver discoveries in 1869   led to what was to become Bullion City in the early part of 1870.  Within months, Bullion's principle mines were located in a crescent around the east side of Bunker Hill.   During the 1870s, Bullion had a hotel, assay office, store, butcher shop, stables and several houses.   Two smelters were built but both failed.   A third smelter operated with limited success.   In 1884, operations had slowed to a crawl and soon stopped entirely when the price of copper dropped.  In 1904 the mines reopened and a new camp known as Bullion started up between the sites of Highland and Bullion City.  Limited amounts of ore were extracted over the next 60 years.   Pictures here are of the newer Bullion.  Bullion is completely abandoned and is well secluded.  There are indications that mining may again start up in the nearby Bunker Hill area.

on it's last leg
Not all Buildings are in good condition

well, at least we have lots of firewood
Another broken down Building

it was a mess inside
There's even a Trailer from a newer Mining Operation

it was COLD when we visited...in SEPTEMBER??
A cold day and a cool Cat

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