Steve, Gary & Jim


this won't stand much longer
The Bullion Mill

located in a beautiful forest setting
The Mill is unsafe to enter

this won't stand much longer
Jim determines the Mill is unsafe to explore

too bad this mill will fall soon
The Mill is in a beautiful Forest

In 1865, prospectors in Bullion Canyon discovered stream-worn nuggets of gold.  The Ohio Mining District was organized in 1868 and its largest mining camp, Bullion City, reached a peak population of 1651 in 1880.   The population declined sharply as the richest veins were mined out, but the town was continuously occupied until the Bully Boy Mill closed for good in 1938.   This longevity has resulted in a number of dwellings, infrastructure, and tools that can be seen today.   Bullion Canyon is protected by the Forest Service and camping is permitted only in desiginated areas.

roof needed because of snow
An Ore Bin with a roof

the heavy snow will soon collapse this cabin
Cabins are scatterd through the Forest

typical of the area
A small Log cabin

the forest is so dense that we missed seeing some buildings
Another fallen Log Cabin

left to rust
A steam Engine used to pull Ore Cars

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