Broken Hills and Quartz Mountain

Steve, Gary & Derek


the only grave we found near Broken Hills or Quartz Mountain
A Lonely Grave Near Broken Hills

we decended several hundred feet down wooden ladders to an excellent mine
Headframe And Newer Building

$70,000 was extracted from the silver-lead discoveries of 1913 before the claims were sold for $75,000 to the Broken Hills Silver Corporation.  This new company ran into difficulties and ceased operation after only one $7,000 shipment.  Broken Hills mining all but ceased until 1925 when nearby Quartz Mountain boomed.  The Broken Hills post office and some businesses reopened.  Broken Hills reached the height of activity during World War I when it had a few hundred residents, hotel, saloon,stores, school, and produced $180,000.  All that remains in Broken Hills today is pictured above.

A rich silver-lead ore discovery was made in 1925 at Quartz Mountain while development work was taking place on smaller discoveries made in 1920. Several buildings were moved in from from Rawhide and Goldfield.   New businesses included four cafes, grocery stores, barber shops and general merchandise stores.  Work continued until 1927 when the mining activity slowed.  Most of what remains in Quartz Mountain is pictured below.  Not shown are some collapsed buildings and several old cars.   Both areas are secluded and have little wood for campfires.

the old cars are located below
Headframe At Quartz Mountain

the mine above is small
The Remains of an Air Compressor

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