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this building will keep you dry if the weather is bad
A Stone Building at Bristol Well

this building is also in good condition
Another Stone Building

Bristol Well reached its peak in 1890 with a post office and a population of about 400.  The three kilns pictured below converted pine logs to charcoal to be used in the smelter that treated the lead-silver ores hauled from the nearby Bristol mine.  Bristol Well became a ghost town around 1905.  Mining still continues at the Bristol Mine.  Bristol Well lies in the flatlands and is totally deserted.  Wood for campfires is scarce.  A better camping spot would be at the Jackrabbit mine located a few miles away.  No buildings remain, but the area is in the mountains, wood is available, and the mine is excellent.

these were used to make charcoal
Three Charcol Kilns

these buildings are almost covered by the trees
Two Buildings Located Nearby

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