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this was once typical of any surburban neighborhood
Many Abandoned Homes line the Deserted Streets of Boron AFS/Prison

there is a LOT to explore
More Abandoned Homes on Lonely Streets

homes have been vandalized
Power Poles and Homes have been Stripped of their Copper Wire

many abandoned buildings over the area
The Prison Facilities were up the Hill past the Houses

Boron Air Force Station,  was the home of the 750th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, and then to the 750th Radar Squadron.   The mission was to maintain a constant lookout for attack by Soviet manned bombers during the Cold War.   The Air Force ceased operations in 1975.   Boron AFS was later converted into a Federal Prison.   It was a facility where inmates sentenced to 10 years or less could serve their time.   Most of the inmates were drug dealers, with only about 10% white collar criminals.   There was virtually no security--no locks on the dorm room doors, no fence, and no guard towers.   Every other month or so an inmate would merely walk out to the road after dark to meet a friend and drive away.   The prison camp had tennis courts, a salad bar, pool hall and band room.   Boron prison was closed in August 1999 due to budgetary cutbacks.   The site is now almost totally abandoned and is being vandalized.   The FAA continues to use the radar dome to this day for air traffic control.   Eventually the site may be sold as surplus property through the GSA.   Camping is not recommended in the area due to the close proximity to Interstate 395.

this was a minimum security prison
There were the Prisoner's Barracks

no locks or secured windows
This is one of the Hallways in one of the Prisoner Barracks

it looks like it is still a mess
This was the Prisoner's Mess Hall

Federal Prison Industries, inc
A Reminder of where we are

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