Steve Ricketts and Gary Bombalicki


a good building is now just a wood pile
Typical of Bolivia

all other rock buildings were just rock piles
The Most Complete Structure in Bolivia

Bolivia was born in the 1870's after the discovery of silver veins.  However, the long distance to the railroad hindered extended development.  In the early 1880's nickel and cobalt were discovered.  A miscalculation of the nickel-cobalt composition, a furnace explosion, and litigation forced a temporary closing of the mines in 1890.  All activity ceased by 1907.  Today, Bolivia as a ghost town was very disappointing to us since there is nothing left standing.  Normally we would not post a location with so little to see on this web site.  However, the long drive up Kitten Springs to Cottonwood Canyon is a beautiful trip.  A local rancher told us where to look for the stage coach grave...a sight that made it all worthwhile.  Bolivia is very well secluded with plenty of wood for and even a stream for camping.

this is anybody's was our firewood
Remains Of A ???

the area in Cottonwood canyon is beautiful.  There was even a stream
Our Campsite in Bolivia

Stage Coach Grave

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