Steve, Gary, Cat & Jim


this building has several rooms
The Largest building still standing in Blair

no roof
This Was The Two Story Hotel

The town of Blair was established in 1906 as a result of overpriced property in Silverpeak.  The potential mill sites around Silverpeak were purchased by speculators with hopes of turning a profit when the Pittsburgh Silver Peak Gold Mining Co bought the areas productive mines.  Instead of purchasing the overpriced property, the mining company constructed a 100 stamp mill three miles north of Silverpeak.  They also constructed the 17 mile railroad line to the Tonopah & Goldfield main line.  Within three months, Blair had a newspaper, post office, saloons, a two story hotel, and various stores for its 700 inhabitants.  Blair began to die in 1915 when the low grade ores could no longer be worked profitably.  Mining equipment was moved, and the railroad was torn up.  Blair was totally abandoned by 1916.  There is very little wood at Blair, and it's too close to civilization for us to consider camping there.

not much left at Blair
The only other Building in Blair

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