Steve, Gary, Cat, Brian, Pat M, Brad, Dale & Giles (4 trips)


the mill is in fair condition
Gary climbs up the Mill Building

several engines are in here
Pat & Brad check out the Engine & Compressor Building

these are 90% complete
A Steam Engine and Air Compressor

Silver was discovered in the summer of 1881.  A boiler explosion and fire along with the quick decline of nearby Lewis, led to the closing of the mine in 1883.  The mine was worked again in 1907, 1911 and 1922.  It was finally shut down in 1932.  A total of 2.4 million was produced.  There's still a lot to see at the Betty O' Neal Mine.  It is easily accessible via dirt roads.  Plenty of wood is available for campfires.  It is located about midway up the side of a mountain overlooking a ranch and the Nevada town of Battle Mountain.  Lewis is located at the top of Lewis Canyon.  Due to heavy flash flooding down the canyon, Lewis is now completely inaccessible.  Using the KD Radio airplane, we plan to fly over Lewis for a condition status and another possible way in.

NOTE: Although we have never had a problem after four visits, other web sites indicate that this area is closed to visitors, or requires permission to enter.

each covered unit is a 90 degree gear system
A partial view of The Mill Interior

I'm the frizby champion
Gary "sails" one of the hundreds of Bucket Lids left by a Modern Day Mining Company

70% of the mill burned
UPDATE: 2008 trip...All that's left of the mill after a fire destroyed most of it

the equipment is still here
UPDATE: 2008 trip...The equipment building has collapsed

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