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the water tank is long gone
Remains of a Railroad Water Tower

abandoned building in Beryl
Former Post Office in Beryl

the water tank is long gone
Old wooden Rail Car converted to a Storage Building

Beryl is 70 feet from an active railroad line
Abandoned Building in good condition

Both Beryl and Lund were railroad towns.  Lund was a busy rail stop in the days before the Interstate.  Trains from Salt Lake City and Las Vegas stopped in Lund, where passengers then rode a bus about 30 miles east to Cedar City.   Lund still has a few residents and several dilapidated buildings.   At one time,railroad workers lived in both towns.   Property is for sale, but wells must be dug and power must be run.   Camping is not recommended.

1950 type construction
Abandoned Railroad Workers Homes in Lund

this could be fixed up
Abandoned Home

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