NOTE** Bannack Is Occupied**


The brick courthouse was built in 1875
The First Beaverhead County Courthouse

Bannack buildings
More than 50 Buildings Remain in Bannack

Bannack's history began in July of 1862.  John White and fellow members of "Pikes Peakers" discovered gold in Grasshopper Creek.  White filed one of the first recorded mining claims in Montana territory.   A camp of 400 miners soon developed, only to swell to 3000 by that spring.  Named for the Bannock Indians, the mining camp received a post office and became a town in 1863.  In 1864, Bannack was named the first territorial capitol of Montana.   Mining continued until the 1930's when activity slowed down.  By the early 1950's, most of the population had moved on and the town was nearly abandoned.   In 1954, the State of Montana declared the town of Bannack a state park.  Today, Bannack is "preserved rather than restored, protected rather than exploited" by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.  Three buildings in the center of town are used for employee housing.

Built in 1877, this was the first building used exclusively for worship
The Bannack Methodist Church

Dr. Meade purchased this brick building in 1890 for $1250.00
Hotel Meade

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