Steve, Gary & Jim


Athens is in the middle of nowhere
Two Athens Buildings And The Cheap Jeep

the for sale offer is in this building
Gary Checks Out The Interior Of An Athens Building

these buildings won't last much longer
Another Athens Building

Athens was born in 1909 after the discovery of gold ore.   A year later Athens had a lodging house, store and saloon.   Although the ore assayed at $1000 a ton, the quality turned out to be disappointing and the boom eventually ended.   Ownership of the Warrior mine, the area's main producer changed several times throughout the years as on-again off-again activity continued until 1939.   Small one and two man operations continued until recently.  We revisited Athens in 2011 and discovered that the two wooden buildings have fallen.   Athens is well secluded with plenty of wood for camping.

many years of on-again off-again activity
Remains Of A Wooden Building With A Newer Metal One

this is almost firewood
Another Building

an educated guess
Entrance to the Warrior Mine

Flight Picture

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