Steve, Jennifer, Tristan, Cat, Mike & Jim


this building is being renovated
The Bay Window House

this building is being renovated
Cat and Steve check out the Interior

many structures to see here
Some of the many former Homes in Town

there are structures for miles around
More Buildings in Animas Forks

Animas Forks was founded in 1873.  The prospectors built log cabins near their claims.  Because three rivers meet nearby it was called Three Forks of the Animas, later simplified to Animas Forks by the U.S. Postal Service.  Animas Forks boasted a population of 450 by 1875.  Few braved the harsh winters when most mining activity stopped.   Avalanches were the curse of the town.  The snow would slide down one side of the mountain and up the other side since the sides of the canyon were so close together.  At one end of town were the mines and mills together with a boarding house, which served other purposes as well.  The 70s and 80s were good years for Animas Forks but it didn't last into the next century.  Most of the richer mines began to peter out forcing the mills to close down and allowing the town to return to a much slower pace.  The town itself is now being restored and camping is not permitted in Animas Forks.  However , there are many buildings in the hills for miles around, all of which make great camping spots.

another home once owned by a wealthy resident
What a neat old Building

jail house
This is The Animus Forks Jail built in 1882.

most were in excellent shape
More Old Buildings

many buildings throughout the area
This Building shows the effects of Time

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