Steve, Gary, Cat & Jim


there is a lot to see here
The Alta Boarding House

this is a two story building
Steve checks out the Boarding House Hallway and Rooms

there was a small third floor area
Cat looks out a Second story Window

most are in decent shape
One of Alta's many Houses

Alta was a small town between Telluride and Rico.  A few hundred people lived here at one time.  Alta was the center of mining activity in the Alta-Gold King area from 1877 to 1948.  L.L. Nunn, Nicola Tesla and George Westinghouse worked at Alta with the first industrial use of alternating ccurrant electricity.  A long distance electric transmission line was completed from the Ames power plant on the San Miguel River below on June 21st, 1891.  John Wagner operated the Belmont-Wagner mill in Alta from 1917 until 1948.  There are many great places to camp in and around Alta.

this needs some roof repair
Another Alta Home

many houses here
Several Buildings are in the Areat

its in very good condition
This Building appears to be under repair

many buildings throughout the area
This House once belonged to the Mine Manager

what a neat log building this used to be
This Building is beyond repair

a few buildings were nothing but piles of wood
Inside looking out on Beautiful Mountains

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