Gary, Steve, Tim, Jim, Tracy, & Cat


These are trip pictures. Complete pictures of all the towns we visited can be viewed by clicking on the individual town buttons found on the main page

everyone met at the Reward Mine for production work and the start of the 2013 ghost town trip
Production Day...Gary, Steve Tim, Jim, Tracy, Cat & Lynette

Reward Mine
Production Support Vehicles & Crew

shooting the reality show
Producer/Director Brad Briefs The Crew About The Next Shots While in The Reward Mine

a hint of things to come
Cat's Gift to Steve

nice rack
Cat's Gift to Tracy

you can guess the meaning
Cat's Gift to Jim

is it real??
Cat's Gift to Herself

more campfire rocks than usual
The Crew Enjoys a Gary Cooked Meal

wait for me
Did The Crew Almost Forget Tracy?

we didn't leave the pan this time
Another Great Meal at a Great Campsite

Dinner with Gary's Famous French Fries

Tracy Photographs the Photographer

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