Gary, Andrew, Steve, Jim, Tim & Cat


These are trip pictures. Complete pictures of all the towns we visited can be viewed by clicking on the individual town buttons found on the main page

2012 trip
Our campsite at Mountain View

we saw a lot of lightning that night
Setting up Camp in Park Canyon

a great place to camp...and what a show!!
Steve & Cat enjoy the scenery in Park Canyon

the morning ritual
Wake Up!!! Its time to roll up the Sleeping Bags

Steve wasn't in the picture...cuz he took it
Cat, Gary & Jim camping at Ward

meat balls for the spaghetti
Steve has a plate full of "balls"

Cat & Jin gathered the wood
Steve makes the firepit at the Mary Ellen Mine

it didn't rain
Gary prepares for possible rain by making a lean-to
while Cat is safe in her mini-tent

Steve, Jim & Cat
A happy crew

a happy Cat is a clean Cat
Cat even had a chance to wash her hair

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