Steve, Jim & Gary


These are trip pictures. Complete pictures of all the towns we visited can be viewed by clicking on the individual town buttons found on the main page

all packed and ready for the 2011 ghost town trip
Departure Day...Steve, Jim & Gary

Ames Ranch
One of our favorite places to camp near Grantsville

the trees have died and/or fallen
Camping at Troy, Nevada

we have camped here many times before
Camping by two good cabins in Gold Springs, Utah

a great place to camp
Morning at the Homestake Mine

getting un-stuck
Using the Cheap Jeep Rails to get out of soft sand

a beautiful view of the valley below
Setting up camp near Morey, NV

too bad the road to Morey was washed out
Gary & Jim take a break

we ended up here late in the day after looking for Morey
Steve & Jim discuss Gary's cooking

this is the first time we left a pan somewhere besides a town.  Will it ever be found??
Once again, Gary leaves his cooking pan at the last camping spot of the trip

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